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25 Years Of Mac: Bruce Fox’s Mac Classic



Bruce Fox has been a Mac user since 1988. He got in touch with the Cult to tell the story behind his beloved Mac Classic.

Take it away, Bruce:

“The Mac Classic had done some time in the Los Angeles School District and was surplus obtained by a teacher friend of mine. At the time I had a number of surplus, distressed, or broken Macintosh machines.

“I used to use the very nice internal power supplies in my kinetic sculptures. The classic and its bag stayed in service longer than most. I was using it in my Naval Reserve duties for record keeping and documents. As the Navy got more automated I finally started leaving it at home. After the Navy retired me in ’98 it was only used for Thin C and Tetris.


“By that time a larger Mac Performa was the principle machine at home. When I did a wholesale cleaning of old machinery some years back, I stripped out a number of power supplies and recycled the rest of most of the machines. But I kept the best of the machines operating and would boot it up from time to time.


“I bundled it up and put it in the loft last year to make room for an old powerbook G3 that hosts a SCSI slide scanner. But I just took it out and booted it for the enclosed photos. I’m currently using a 2008 Mac mini.”

Thanks to Bruce for his photos and his story.

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