Most Entertaining Booth: Taser Shocks Consumers With Product Line Up [CES 2011] | Cult of Mac

Most Entertaining Booth: Taser Shocks Consumers With Product Line Up [CES 2011]



Literally. In what was one of the greatest and most entertaining spectacles at CES, Taser had consumers lining up to get shocked—and I got it all on camera.

Why would anyone want to get Tased? You got me—but it sure was fun to watch! I wasn’t the only one who found it entertaining, either. The please-tase-me-bro show drew huge crowds. All of us gathered in a circle around the island shaped booth eagerly awaiting showtime. The crowd was cheering, laughing, shouting—it was like being a spectator in the Roman Colosseum.

Luckily, before the juice started flowing, the Taser folks spotted my Cult of Mac badge and offered me a prime seat so I could witness the spectacle firsthand. I wasn’t about to miss that opportunity. I crouched down in the front row, set my camera on high speed capture, and documented the face of a man being pumped with 50,000 muscle-cramping volts. I admit all of this may sound barbaric, but I ask you, are you not entertained!?

The brave Daniel Wright from Oceanside, CA enters the Taser booth
Daniel poses for a quick picture and then instructs the Taser team to fire when ready.
I think he immediately regretted that decision.



Daniel fell to the ground so fast, I couldn't keep him in focus
Show's over folks. Someone get the body bag.