Report: Feb. 3 is Date for Verizon iPhone Launch



You may want to clear your schedule for February 3. That could be the day Verizon begins selling the iPhone — at least figures one blogger. Why pick that day? Turns out it wasn’t selected out of a hat, but based on several factors.

The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant has “blacked-out” Thursday, Feb. 3rd through Sunday, February 6th, denying any retail employee vacation requests, according to the blog, citing “a source close to Apple.” Earlier this week, a report surfaced that the iPhone maker was canceling vacations for retail workers sometime between late January and stretching into February. The move was seen as indicating a major product announcement was planned.

The February 3 date is also being suggested as D-Day for Apple and the carrier because of traditional launch days for both companies. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 in 2010, it picked the same timeframe — a Thursday through Sunday. Additionally, Verizon has always launched products on Thursdays.

Is this just a coincidence? Maybe. But with both Apple and Verizon tight-lipped, such Silicon Valley tea-leaf reading might be our best tool in determining when the long-rumored CDMA iPhone appears.

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