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Exclusive Sneak Peek of Boxee’s iPad App [CES 2011]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — Here’s a sneak peek at Boxee’s upcoming iPad app from the show floor of CES.

Boxee is the super-slick video software that makes online video easy and social. It’s the single best reason to own an older Apple TV: you hack it to run Boxee, and suddenly it’s useful because it can play local video files, no matter what the encoding format.

The iPad app is just like Boxee on a Mac or Apple TV: it makes it easy to find and share online video on your iPad. You can even stream video from your iPad to your TV (a la AirPlay). Best of all, the app will come with a media server (Mac and PC) that will transcode video files on the fly and stream them to the iPad app.

Should be available before the end of the quarter. Free, of course.

UpdateAndrew from Boxee wanted us to know that the expected arrival date is actually Q2, not Q1 as Avner says.