Samsung Unveils the 'Lightest, Thinnest' Smartphone on the Market [CES 2011] | Cult of Mac

Samsung Unveils the ‘Lightest, Thinnest’ Smartphone on the Market [CES 2011]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — The very next time I hear the term “iPhone-killer,”  I will go absolutely Looney-Tunes nuts. I will tear up telephone books, gargle with raw eggs and Marmite, the whole bit. Seriously.

On the other hand, Samsung really does seem to be taking precise aim at the iPhone 4 with their new Infuse 4G Android smartphone announced yesterday. They’re claiming that, when (if) released, it’ll be the lightest, thinnest phone on the market, and it’ll be equipped with oodles of goodies: a 4.5-inch, “next-generation” Super AMOLED screen (which they say will have better readability in bright sunlight) and a snappy 1.2 ghz processor. And get this — it’ll sit exclusively in the AT&T stable.

That is, if the distinct whiff of vaporware finally evaporates. Samsung hasn’t hinted about any release date yet, and they wouldn’t even let me touch the Infuse during a press event last night, so, heck — it may even have been a hologram.

Samsung also announced availability of a wifi-only version of their popular Galaxy Tab coming this spring.