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QuadCamera Is This Week’s Best Thing Ever



Proof once again that it’s the *software* that makes the iPhone camera, QuadCamera is my latest favorite thing from the App Store.

It turns your iPhone into something like a Lomo Action Sampler, only one with much, much more flexibility than the its traditional film-loading counterpart.

What it does is take a series of photos in succession; then it assembles them into a grid. You can choose from a variety of grid layouts and sizes. There are also prefs for picking between color and black-and-white, and the time period between each photo (adjustable between 0.25 sec and 3 sec).


But technicalities aside, this app is just plain fun. It’s stable and quick and the results are often excellent. I like the way it automatically saves shots to your Camera Roll without asking (you can weed out the poor stuff later), and I like the unique style of the prefs interface.

More than anything else, I *love* the photos I’m getting out of it. Only last week, I dropped two hundred squids on a Nikon DSLR – but this two dollar app has been occupying more of my time and attention. That says it all, really.


Oh, wait: there’s more. QuadCamera’s developer Takayuki Fukatsu has made QuadAnimator, a Flash app that turns QuadCamera stills into mini animations! Even more neat! Results below. Who needs a DSLR anyway?

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