Turn iPad into external monitor for Windows PC with Luna Display 5.0


Turn iPad into external monitor for Windows PC with Luna Display 5.0
You can easily expand your Windows PC’s working area by turning your iPad into a second screen.
Photo: Astropad

Luna Display 5.0 allows Windows PC users to make their iPad into a second screen. A hardware/software combination from Astropad lets the two disparate computers communicate via a wireless adapter for USB-C or HDMI.

The app could already turn an iPad into a Mac display with a dongle.

Luna Display now supports Windows, too

The Windows version works the same way as the Mac one. Plug the dongle into the computer, run an application on the tablet and the laptop/desktop, and the iPad becomes a second screen.

The tablet’s touchscreen and any clip-on keyboard are usable. Astropad promises just 16 ms latency between the PC and the screen, crystal-clear image quality and GPU acceleration.

Hardware and software needed

A free Windows app from Astropad is required to make the connection. As is the free Luna Display 5.0 application for iPad.

Luna Display 5.0 is now on the App Store.
Put Luna Display 5.0 on your iPad and, with a wireless adapter, it becomes a second screen for a Windows PC.
Photo: Cult of Mac

There are two versions of the wireless adapter that needs to be plugged into the PC. One uses HDMI and the other USB-C. (Macs can use the USB-C or a Mini DisplayPort versions.) No matter the version, the cost is $129.99 with free shipping. And AstroPad is offering a 20% discount for the next three days.

This isn’t a feature unique to Luna Display. Another option for making an iPad into a PC’s second screen is Duet Display.

Source: Astropad