This crazy iPhone 13 case catapults hard candy at your face

This crazy iPhone 13 case catapults hard candy at your face


iPhone 13 candy catapult case
Sweet treats comin' at ya.
Photo: Matty Benedetto

iPhone 13 might be a nice upgrade over its predecessors, with improved cameras and better battery life, but there’s one glaring omission from its list of features: It cannot fire candy. This crazy case solves that obvious flaw.

Designed and 3D printed by Matty Benedetto, the Candy Catapult Case carries an assortment of hard candy in its back that can be quickly (and dangerously?) fired into your mouth whenever you need sweet sustenance.

Look out! This iPhone 13 case fires sweet treats

Benedetto wasn’t planning to build a weapon when he set out to create his own iPhone 13 case. He simply needed something robust that would keep his device from succumbing to the same fate as its predecessor, which fell from a second-story window onto the pavement below to meet its shattered end.

He started out printing a case from a flexible TPU filament that would easily snap onto his iPhone 13 Pro and protect it from drops and scratches. But what’s so special about that in a world filled with TPU smartphone cases? Especially for a man who owns a YouTube channel dedicated to Unnecessary Inventions.

So, Benedetto took that case and married it with a candy container that includes a spring-loaded firing mechanism — a lot like those found inside pinball machines. The container can be filled with small, hard treats that are catapulted out of the top of the case and into your mouth … or teeth … or eyes.

The finished result works surprisingly well as a candy weapon, but as Benedetto notes, it’s a “chonky case.” It’s certainly not one that will slide easily into your pants pocket, or even a loose-fitting coat. Nevertheless, it’s pretty darn cool.