Get a small and powerful Apple Watch charger for over 65% off


Watch out for this awesome deal on an apple watch charger.
This wireless charger is the perfect match for your Apple watch.
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Get yourself an Apple Watch charger that you can forget about right up until you really need it. Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychains are on sale for $16.99 for one, $33.14 for two and $65.44 for four if you use the code VIP15 during our VIP Sale.

A portable Apple Watch charger

The charger for your Apple Watch should be as convenient as the watch itself. It defeats the purpose of having most of the functions of a phone on your arm if you also have to have a huge cord to power it.

This little charger is the perfect match for your Apple Watch in size and functionality. It fits onto a keychain, so it’s easy to carry, keep and forget. You don’t need a tangled cord or a clunky wall charger, just this little wireless keychain. Apple Watch batteries may last a while, but when they do run out, you want something that you didn’t have to remember to bring because it’s already with your keys.

These make great gifts, either for friends or family members you’ve seen struggle to keep their Apple Watch alive, or for yourself. If you don’t want to keep it on your keys, leave the charger on a ring in your office. Attach it to the zipper on a backpack or throw it into your travel or hobby bags and forget it until you realize you need it.

Operating the charger is simple. Attach your watch to the charger, and it will charge. If it’s running low on power, the LED lights will let you know. It’s easy to use and easy to carry. And it’s time to get your Apple Watch a charger that will never be second best.

Save on Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychains

Get one ($16.99), two ($33.14) or four ($65.44) Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychains if you use the code VIP15 during the VIP Sale.

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