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Get a super-slim, magnetic wireless power bank for cheap


Charge your phone wherever with this power-bank.
This MagSafe-compatible wireless power bank is so slim, you'll barely notice it on your iPhone.
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Charging your phone shouldn’t be inconvenient, even if everything else happening around you is. If you’re halfway through a double shift, stuck on a long drive, or lost in the woods, you should still be able to charge your phone as easily as you could at home.

The Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank makes that possible by putting a powerful wireless charger into an ultra-slim package that attaches magnetically to your phone so you don’t have to stop using it while it charges.

Right now, this incredibly convenient charger is on sale for $39.99 if you buy one — or $69.99 for two.

A great magnetic power bank

The Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is one of the most useful tools you can get for your iPhone. The 5,000mAh battery can charge itself from zero to 80% in only 35 minutes. Use it with your iPhone, and you’ll get up to 50% faster battery recharge with Xvida than other chargers — and you don’t even have to deal with a cord.

It’s built with MagSafe magnets certified by Apple, so you don’t need to worry about your iPhone being damaged. Those magnets also attach with 25% more strength than previous models. The charger itself is wrapped in soft, black silicone, so you won’t get ugly scratches all over your phone just from trying to charge it.

If you need to charge with a cable, you can take advantage of the power bank’s USB-C output. But if your device is Qi-enabled, then it should work great wirelessly. That’s why reviewers are so excited about this powerful new model from Xvida.

Improved from earlier iterations, this charger adds just a half-inch rise to the back of your iPhone. It’ll just feel like your case got a bit bigger. You’ll still be able to text, call, even record a video if you need to.

Save on Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Get the Xvida Magnetic Wireless Power Bank on sale for $39.99 for one or $69.99 for two.

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