Hyper releases GaN chargers you can stack for more power


HyperJuice chargers can be stacked to provide more power.
HyperJuice chargers can be stacked to provide more power.
Photo: Hyper

Accessories maker Hyper has launched 65W and 100W HyperJuice chargers — based on power-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) technology — that you can stack to increase power output.

The release follows a successful Kickstarter campaign. Hyper, known for its small and speedy GaN chargers, said the new plugs can be stacked to support a remarkable 1600W of passthrough power and up to 64 USB ports from a single wall outlet.

This follows a previous Kickstarter campaign for Hyper’s first 100W GaN charger, released back in July.

Of course, you can also use the plugs with any device with a pronged cord, such as a HomePod.

GaN chargers with USB-C and USB-A

The smaller 65W charger has two USB-C ports rated at 65W and one USB-A port rated at 18W. The larger 100W charger retails comes with three USB-C ports rated at 100W and one USB-A port rated at 18W.

Hyper said GaN semiconductor material based on Navitas GaNFast technology makes its chargers 10 times smaller, 100 times faster and five times more power-efficient than traditional silicon chargers.

Other companies, such as Anker and Belkin, have also launched GaN chargers.

According to the website iMore, a report earlier this year based on supply chain information suggested Apple may be planning its own GaN chargers, but it is unclear when they would be available. Rumors have been circulating for a while.

Price: 65W charger is $69.99; 100W charger is $99.99

Where to buy: Hyper