New Cases Suggest iPad 2 Will Be Sleeker, Camera and Speaker Equipped



Look, you and I both know that leaked third-party case designs for unannounced, unreleased Apple products mean next to nothing. In fact, we’ve all been burned by drawing conclusions from purely fanciful Asian case designs before. So please take this news with a grain of salt: a new third-party case design for the iPad 2 seems to imply that the second-generation tablet will have an all-together sleeker and more iPod Touch evocative look.

The case shows a slot on the back for a larger external speaker, which jibes with past rumors. It also features a hole large enough to accommodate a rear-facing camera, albeit without flash. A large cutout at the top of the case leaves space for a 3G antenna.

To be honest, this case could just as well be manufactured based upon existing rumors as it could be a case designed according to Apple’s own specs. The most that can be said for this supposed case leak is that not one of these supposed new features seems improbable, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the feature set — if not the specifics — were entirely on point.