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Digifit Giving Away $80 ANT+ Dongle With Purchase of $15 App


Photo courtesy of Digifit

Need a last-minute stocking stuffer, or wondering how to keep that New Year’s resolution? Digifit is giving away its $80 ANT+ Digifit Connect — just download their free Digifit app, then pop for the $15 in-app upgrade (which allows the app to connect with the dongle).

The idea is pretty much the same as with the Wahoo Fisica dongle (also $80): Attach the Digifit Connect to an iPhone (or iPad or iPod) and it’ll communicate with any ANT+ heart-rate monitor, footpod, bicycle cadence or speed sensor; then workout data can be tracked and analyzed through the Digifit app, or download the data to one of several websites, like New Leaf Fitness.

The Digifit dongle will only work with the Digifit app (or previous iterations of the app like iCardio, etc.). On the other hand, the Digifit system seems impressive in terms of integration with other fitness systems; for instance, Digifit’s app can import and integrate data from the Withings wifi-connected scale and the Zeo Sleep Coach. Digifit is subscription-based, but the same $15 that bags the dongle also includes a lifetime Digifit subscription. If you want in, better hurry though — the deal ends when the dongles are gone (Digifit is coming out with a new dongle that’s essentially the same, just smaller).