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The iPad Will Gain Kinect-like Gesture Recognition At Next Year’s CES



Apple tried but failed to control the technology behind Microsoft’s incredible gesture-recognizing Kinect controller, but if you wonder what might have been if they succeeded, keep your eyes on this January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That’s where Ellipti Labs will demonstrate what gesture recognition could look like on the iPad.

Elliptic Labs is calling it the Touchless Gesture User Interface, which allows you to control an iPad using just waves and sweeps of the hand. They’re demoing the tech next month in Las Vegas as part of an iPad docking station which uses ultrasound to create a touchless zone about a foot in front and to the side of the device.

The idea here is that people might want to control their iPads without touching it… for example, in the kitchen, when they’re following an online recipe and need to scroll down to the next page after just having kneaded some dough. According to Elliptic Labs, all the dock needs is the installation of a simple app to make it work.

A CoM crew is on their way to CES in two weeks time. Let’s see if we can’t prevail upon them the desirability of a visit to Elliptic Labs’ booth.

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