Apple could bring a splash of color to its next-gen MacBook Air


Apple's Industrial Design Group lab right now. Possibly.
Photo: 冬城/Unsplash CC

Apple could bring a splash of color to the MacBook Air, says Apple tipster Jon Prosser in a new video. Prosser suggests that the next-gen M2 MacBook Air could come in a fancy blue color and, quite possibly, a range of other shades as well.

That would make a lot of sense given the recent iMac redesign, which marked the first time in 20 years Apple has released its desktop computers in multiple colors. It would also match Apple’s strategy back in the late 1990s when the colorful iMac G3 was followed up by the equally colorful iBook.

Jon Prosser was the person who first leaked reports that the iMac was getting a colorful makeover, which it did earlier this year. According to Prosser, one of the same sources who told him about the iMac also alerted him to the MacBook news.

Prosser doesn’t have any details about a potential release date. He does, however, hint that Apple could again follow its late 1990s strategy whereby consumer devices like the regular iMac and iBook come in colorful options, while the higher-end pro products ditch the colors for more serious, sober designs. (This would also match what Apple has periodically done with the iPhone, whereby colors are reserved for cheaper options like the iPhone 5c.)

The next-gen Apple Silicon MacBook

The MacBook Air was last updated in November 2020 when it became one of Apple’s first M1 Macs. The results were pretty darn spectacular.   Aside from the Apple Silicon chip, though, Apple didn’t alter much about the device’s form factor for the first M1 MacBook Air. It seems that philosophy could well change when it comes to this year’s upgrade. That would be good news for customers. After all, who wouldn’t want a colorful MacBook?

Apple’s next-gen MacBook Air will reportedly be thinner and lighter than the current version. It will also supposedly boast a MagSafe charger and redesigned display.

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