Woz to the FCC: With These Rules, Apple Would Never Have Happened


CC-licensed photo: Al Luckow
CC-licensed photo: Al Luckow

This morning the Federal Communications Commission is voting on the charged issue of net neutrality.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wrote a passionate, funny nearly 1,800-word letter to the FCC about the importance of keeping the internet free.

Perhaps the strongest part of the letter is where he muses about how charging per bits would’ve kept the tinkering he and Steve Jobs did strictly in the garage:

“Imagine that when we started Apple we set things up so that we could charge purchasers of our computers by the number of bits they use.

The personal computer revolution would have been delayed a decade or more. If I had to pay for each bit I used on my 6502 microprocessor, I would not have been able to build my own computers anyway…”

Via The Atlantic