Top 10 Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For 2011



Happy new year! Are you interested in learning why you should jailbreak your iDevice in 2011? Or are you just looking for some cool apps and tweaks after recently jailbreaking? Look no further!

In this guide, we’re covering ten of the most popular jailbreak apps and mods you can obtain through Cydia. These usually wouldn’t be possible, but with the help of jailbreaking, they are!

Here we go…

10. SBSettings

One of the most well-known tweaks available to jailbreak users is SBSettings. With this tweak, users can modify settings right from the springboard without having to go through the Settings app. Makes changing your settings much easier.

9. WinterBoard

Another well known app is WinterBoard. This allows users to apply custom themes to different parts of their device, including the springboard, lockscreen, user interface, and many others. The possibilities are just endless!

8. InfiniFolders

With iOS 4, Apple introduced folders in the springboard. While this was a nice addition, it wasn’t quite perfect; it only allowed users to put up to 12 apps in a single folder. So, what if you were to have more than 12 games? Two game folders? No, InfiniFolders is the answer. It removed the default limit of 12 apps and adds scrolling to folders in a very iOS-like way. InfiniFolders is available for $1.99 in the Cydia Store.

7. MyWi

Want a way to share your iPhone’s Internet connection without have to pay AT&T’s crazy fees? You can do that, plus over Wi-Fi with MyWi! MyWi is an app that turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing sharing of your 3G connection. MyWi is available for $19.99 in the Cydia Store.

6. My3G

Ever wanted to make a FaceTime call but weren’t connected to Wi-Fi? Those days are over with My3G. My3G allows you to “trick” any application on your iDevice to believe it is connected to Wi-Fi instead of 3G. Use this to bypass FaceTime, YouTube video quality, and several apps on the App Store that require Wi-Fi for usage. My3G is available for $3.99 in the Cydia Store.

5. Wi-Fi Sync

With Wi-Fi Sync, you no longer require a USB cable to sync your iDevice with iTunes. Wi-Fi Sync allows for syncing with iTunes on computers over wireless networks. All you need is the app on the iDevice itself plus another free desktop application that is required on the computer. After that, you’ll no longer need a USB cable for syncing. Wi-Fi Sync is currently availalbe for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) in the Cyida Store for the holidays, prior to the release of v2.0. Get it while it lasts!

4. BiteSMS

The default messaging/SMS app on the iPhone is quite dull. BiteSMS adds a ton of new features, including quick compose/reply, signature, passcode lock, templates, and many others. This app is strongly recommended for text-heavy users. BiteSMS is currently available for $6.74 (regularly $8.99) in the Cydia Store for the holidays. Get it while it lasts!

3. LockInfo

You may already know that Apple’s notification system isn’t quite perfect. There’s always the single popup, which isn’t very useful when you have a ton of notifications. LockInfo solves this issue by putting every notification together in a UI that’s easy to use. Plug-ins are also available for other apps, too! LockInfo is available for $7.99 in the Cydia Store.

2. Frash

One of the missing features on iDevices is Adobe Flash. However, with Frash, you will now be able to view Flash content in Safari. As of now, all Flash content is working except for videos.

1. MultiIconMover

This is one tweak that should have been included in iOS itself. When moving icons on an iDevice, you have to move one at a time. This is a slow and painful process, so MultiIconMover was created. It allows users to move multiple icons to different pages at the same time with just a few taps and a click on the home button. Simple? Yes. Useful? Quite.

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    Sayam: Thanks for this information. I am interested in pursueing the use of an i-phone in some of the ways you describe, but I lack the computer savvy to do it myself. Are there people out there that I can pay to set me up ? Do you have anyone in the Portland, OR, USA area.
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    funny how the only one that is in iOS 5 is wifi sync yet everyone says this is the jailbreak killer… jailbreak will live on forvever i just think it will decrease in its uptaking

  • Dark SouL

    Nice article here are another 5  :
    1-Celeste “For Bluetooth file sharing”
    2-iFile ” a Complete File manager under user roots ”
    3-Photo Albums+” To Manage photo albums of camera roll directly on your idevice “
    4-Synchronicity ” to use your idevice while its synching with iTunes ”
    5-Remove Background ” kill all running apps with 1 tap”

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    I believe it’s called serious, which is free, and has quite a few people making custom toggles.

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    great article! check out my video on MY favourite cydia tweaks here

  • Techie24x7

    great article! check out my video on MY favourite cydia tweaks here

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