Eliminate annoying ads and stay safe online with this all-in-one privacy filter


This devices extends private internet access to all your devices.
Photo: Winston

Life can be really complicated — and protecting your internet connection doesn’t seem to be exempt from that. From fiddling around with complex VPN settings to keeping a watchful eye out for scammers, it can be difficult just to focus on your own productivity or watch some of your favorite videos in your downtime.

If you’re looking for a simple but highly effective solution to protect your internet connection and drown out the noise of advertising, look no further than the Winston Privacy Filter.

One piece of hardware protects all your devices

While other solutions ask that you download (and update) software packages that take up drive space, or remember to connect to a VPN for protection, Winston is a simple plug-and-play device. It’s the perfect way to protect yourself and anyone who uses your family’s gadgets at home without really needing to think about it.

Simply connect it to your laptop or computer, and Winston will scramble your internet traffic to cloak your location and identity. In that sense, it basically works just like a VPN, helping protect you from anyone trying to hack into your network to steal your personal information.

Winston blocks targeted ads, too

And you know those annoying targeted ads that you’re barraged with on the daily? Winston also helps filter those out for a more streamlined internet experience. It blocks the trackers that companies use to discover your browsing habits and serve you advertising.

This means you don’t have to download an additional ad blocker. Winston just blocks them for you.

Stay safe from internet spies

If you’re serious about your privacy and security on the internet, this is the perfect way to stop Big Tech spying, block malware and adult content, and hide your IP address — all through a zero-logging solution.

Conveniently, Winston protects every device in your home, from computers and mobile devices to smart TVs, with an affordable one-time payment. Get a Winston Privacy Filter for $179 (regularly $199), a savings of 10%.

Prices subject to change.