Survey: Rise of Two-iPad Homes



An increasing number of families love their iPad so much, they buy a second Apple tablet, rather than share. That’s the conclusion of a survey finding 17 percent of iPad owners have more than one of the popular Apple tablets in their home.

“The main reason for owning more than one tablet in the household is due to other family members using the tablet,” according to YouGov. While more than a third (37 percent) of tablet owners responding to the survey say their partner uses an iPad, 14 percent say they purchased another iPad because their kids are using one.

“Though the user friendly nature of the device may be influencing people to purchase the iPad, it appears that this feature is also attracting other members of the family to the device,” YouGov announced.

Nearly three-out-of-four iPad owners said they will buy another iPad, the survey also found. However, in homes with more than two iPads, 18 percent of the Apple tablet owners said they will purchase other tablets that appear in the future, according to the organization.

The online survey was conducted between Nov. 8 and November 15 among 4,537 respondents, 802 of which owned tablets.

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