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Colossal London iPhone Is Made Up Of 56 iPads



Behold! An iPhone fit for a Brobdingnagian! This is the world’s biggest iPhone, located in the heart of London’s famous St. Pancras International Train Station. But while it is impressively enormous, a Bunyan-sized handset for the on-the-go colossus, it’s something of a cheat: it’s made up of 56 interconnected iPads.

The giant iPhone was created as a promotional stunt for Eidos’ new (and excellent) iOS game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ($6.99).

Needless to say, each iPad is just looping one small square of a huge promotional movie, and you can’t actually play the new Lara Croft game on this iPhone, even if your finger was swollen and distended, your forearm adamantium enough to manage the interface.

Still, pretty impressive, although when all is said and done, we think the world’s smallest iPhone — an iPhone Zepto, if you will — would have been a heck of a lot cooler.