Google Might Be To Blame For AppleTV’s Slow Streaming Speeds



Although the second generation AppleTV is certainly sexy, it’s not quite as “magical” a device as we’ve come to expect from the wizards at Cupertino. Not only are the media offerings a bit limited compared to the competition, but the new AppleTV is prone to some technical problems… most notably reports of bog slow downloads.

It looks like a potential cause for those tortoising downloads on the Apple TV has been identified, though, and it’s not Apple’s fault: it’s Google’s.

According to Joe Mailer, who was having to wait forever to stream new rented movies through his Apple TV despite his 20 Mbs connection, the problem was that he was using Google DNS.

Basically, iTunes streaming content is hosted by Akamai, which uses different local servers to route downloaders to the fastest available connection. Services like Google DNS, or other generic DNS providers, are trying to route all users the same way… the equivalent of trying to cram a few thousand people through a single door at the same time.

Mailer solved the problem by switching from Google DNS to the servers provided by his IP, and iTunes rentals, even in HD, are now ten to twenty second affairs. If you’re having problems streaming content through your new AppleTV, you might very well give it a try.

  • bobeast

    The Apple TV is just as slow streaming local content via AirPlay. I don’t think you can blame the DNS for that.

  • tharada

    Thanks for the tip. It worked for me.

    I figured out that it’s impossible that my Internet is too slow for streaming, as all my other streaming from other Internet sites worked very well. And it’s been confirmed with that I have 10Mbps Internet link. 
    Then I found this article, and then yes I realised that I used Google DNS. After removed Google DNS, then restarted my apple TV…It worked!