Save $10 on this magnetic, dual-surface wireless charger for Apple devices


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Power up two devices at once, either at home or on the go.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the irritating things about many wireless chargers is that despite cutting out the bulkiness of a cord or clunky wall unit, they wind up being heavy, cumbersome or ineffective at charging. What’s the point of having a wireless charger if it can’t work the way you intended it to? Luckily, this Dual Magnetic Wireless Charger is powerful yet sleek enough to make the perfect companion to your Apple devices. And it’s especially useful if you grabbed the latest iPhone or use AirPods Pro.

Where other wireless chargers barely eke out enough power to quickly charge your iPhone in a short amount of time, this highly effective charger delivers enough juice to support up to two Qi-enabled devices at the same time.

Whether that’s an iPhone, Apple Watch or your trusty AirPods, it can handle the job, thanks to its 15 watts of charging capacity. The dual-surface design allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, keeping your workspace neat while organizing your gadgets. Plus, it’s smaller than your palm.

But the most convenient element of this charger might be its foldable design, which is perfect for anyone who travels or commutes regularly. Once you’ve finished laying your devices flat to charge, all you need to do is simply fold up the charger when you’re done to be stored away in your bag. It’s the perfect way to minimize damage to your charger, maximize your carry-on space and stay neat while you’re on the road.

The charger also doubles as a phone holder, so you can choose between a horizontal or portrait orientation to watch videos while your device charges. That means you can take video calls or watch a show during your commute without worrying about your battery running out (no cables required).

Get a Dual Magnetic Wireless Charger for $49.99 (regularly $60), a savings of 16%.

Prices subject to change.