Last chance! Enter to win a $200 MacBook Folio from Woolnut [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Woolnut MacBook Folio giveaway: A European delight: Scandinavian leather outside, German felted wool inside.
A European delight: Scandinavian leather outside, German felted wool inside.
Photo: Woolnut

This week, Cult of Mac is giving away four beautiful, protective MacBook folios from our friends at Woolnut. Retailing at $196, Woolnut’s Folio is constructed from high-quality Scandinavian leather and German natural wool felt. The luxurious case is tailor-made to fit the MacBook like a glove.

If you want to protect your pricey MacBook, be sure to enter this giveaway.

Woolnut Folio giveaway

Woolnut is a Swedish brand that makes accessories for Apple products. And like Apple, the company uses premium materials to achieve a minimalist look.

Founded in 2012 by three friends interested in design and product development, Woolnut created its first prototype late one night in a Stockholm apartment. Ever since then, the company has gone to great lengths to make sure its products are the highest quality.

Signature leather, 100% natural

The Leather Folio goes for $196, reflecting the premium quality of the materials. Available in three colors, the leather comes from top-notch tanneries in Scandinavia. This expensive leather is renowned for being the best quality around, thanks in part to Sweden’s mild climate. And the pebbled leather looks even better over time as a patina emerges with use.

“The pebbled leather structure is achieved by running a ‘dry drum’ as a part of the tanning process,” Erik Lavin, co-founder of Woolnut, told Cult of Mac. “Basically, that makes the leather ‘wrinkle’ as it tumbles around — after a certain number of drum revolutions the leather finally gets that pebbled structure throughout.”

On the inside, the Folio boasts a soft, wooly  lining. Composed of 100% natural wool felt, it acts as a great shock absorber. (It also repels water.) The wool comes from a well-known German supplier in business for 120 years.

Woolnut spared no expense in the making of the Leather Folio. The company thought of everything when designing it. Even the zipper is great: The Folio uses the Excella zipper made by YKK in Japan. The highest grade YKK makes, it zips efficiently and effortlessly.

Each winner will choose a folio for a 13-inch, 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook in their choice of black, cognac or green (depending on availability).

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MacBook Folio from Woolnut

Note: This giveaway does not include a MacBook Pro. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on April 18, 2021. See Terms & Conditions for more information about the giveaway. We originally published this giveaway post on April 12, 2021.