Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad? Well, duh. [Setups]


Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Do you really need both a MacBook and an iPad? Of course you do. Don't ask silly questions.
Photo: BasicAppleGuy@Reddit

The setup showcased in a recent Reddit post consists of just a MacBook Air, an iPad, an iPhone and some peripherals and accessories, but it brings up a puzzling conundrum: Should you use both a MacBook and an iPad, even though their functionality overlaps to a great extent?

According to most of the comments, the answer is yes — even if it makes you feel like a sucker.

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Both a MacBook and an iPad? Yes, please.

The Redditor who posted the MacBook Air-centered setup, BasicAppleGuy, started out just offering a shout-out to fellow southpaws. The post featured a pic of a bright, airy, clean and tidy desktop with the Magic Mouse 2 positioned to the left of a much-admired (and rather hard-to-find) Keychron 3 Ultra-slim Mechanical Keyboard.

But the post quickly generated a one-sided debate about the value of using both an Apple laptop and an iPad when a commenter couldn’t come up with anything an iPad Air 4 they coveted could do that their Mac couldn’t.

More a question of convenience

“The iPad has a lot of functions outside the office,” BasicAppleGuy replied. “It’s basically my TV, music player, I read a lot of News+ and Apple Books on it, and gaming device. The two devices have many overlapping [capabilities], but also many distinct roles at home.”

You may notice everything cited in the comment above can be done on the MacBook Air in the photo, or even on an iPhone in some cases. But it’s convenient to assign roles to different Apple devices — work, entertainment, keeping up with the news — and take advantage of the iPad’s mix of functionality and portability.

Everyone has their reasons

Other commenters cited various reasons for using both a laptop and a tablet.

Here are a few iPad uses mentioned in the post’s 75 comments:

  • Taking handwritten notes
  • Drawing
  • Writing math equations
  • Reading sheet music
  • Using it as a second monitor with Sidecar
  • Texting
  • Reading for work or entertainment
  • Streaming media (music and videos)
  • Feeding an addiction to Apple products

There’s one born every minute

Yes, the last item in the list above is in jest, yet only half in jest. The idea that Mac fans are willing marks who can’t help themselves — or something like that — is a common theme in the comments on BasicAppleGuy’s post and in many Mac-centric discussions.

One commenter credited the following as the most honest answer to “both a MacBook and an iPad?” question: “apple knows we’re suckers and once you get one apple product you buy the others and you’re stuck in their eco system. I’m Speaking from experience. Lol.”

But the majority opinion was more in line with this thought:

“Why can’t someone have both a laptop and a tablet? They are different products with some overlap. If someone needs to cover both areas, it makes sense to have both.”

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