The Ten Most Original Gifts You Can Give The Apple Fan In Your Life [Holiday Gift Guide 2010]



Let’s face it, fanboys and girls love getting Apple related gifts for the holidays. But if you are lucky enough to have an Apple nerd in your family, you have by now realized that most Apple inspired gifts are usually boring or total crap. Fear not, though, friends, I present to thee 10 gifts that are guaranteed to make your Apple obsessed loved one squeal in glee.


Most Apple gifts out there have been made in this decade. But for the diehard Apple fan, vintage gifts are sure to please. This genuine Apple projector pen hides a special power—an Apple logo projector! I’m not quite sure what if any utility this might have, but I think we can all agree it’s a surefire way to impress the ladies.

If you can find one, it’d most likely be at The Missing Bite.


Now, if your Apple dork lover is more the modern type and loves attention, why not get him this LED sound activated Apple tee? It’s obviously fashion forward and screams “I’ve just arrived here from the future.” Perfect for all-night raves too!


For the more subtle fellow who’d rather avoid branding his torso with an animated version of Steve Jobs’ venerable Apple logo, try surprising him with one of these rare original Apple Macintosh stickers from 1984. Vintage Apple is always a good idea for the longtime Apple fan, and these stickers are little pieces of history.


Most fans will remember the tumultuous times spent worrying about Steve Jobs’ health. It was a trying time for us all. Well, if your Apple-loving girl spent those months holed up in her room crying and petting her Apple II GS, this Steve Jobs Lives t-shirt may just be the perfect gift! Let her Christmas morning be a celebration of life—Steve Jobs’ life!. It was a close call, but we got to keep him in Cupertino where we need him.


If your Apple fan is still living in the past and has no intention of upgrading any of his gear, this vintage Power Mac G3 poster is going to be a BIG hit. We all love to be reminded of the gear we grew up with. Help your Apple guy relive the good ‘ol days before the iPod-Pads and folding lap-sized book-mac computers ruined it all.

pirate iphone

Maybe your wife is an Apple fan but not super obsessed like you are. She may come around eventually, but until that glorious day, this Apple inspired tee from Glennz tees is just what mid-tier Apple fans like. It’s colorful, creative, and it communicates to the world that “I am an Apple fan but I still like to use a PC for work.”


Believe it or not, there was a time when Steve Jobs didn’t work for Apple—he got booted from the company by the CEO he hired, and that’s when he left to start company number two, NeXT. If the Apple fan in your family knows that, he’ll do a double take when he opens his presents and finds this little gem on Christmas morn. But be wary, for the full color NeXT logo tee is only for the the die-hardiest of Apple fans—lest your gift be rejected.


Maybe your girlfriend of 15 years is a real hippie and sees no reason to upgrade from her G3 tower. Waste not want not, right? Well friend, try stuffing this I Brake for 8 bumper sticker into her stocking! Odds are she’s still using it OS8, and lord knows she would love to slap another bumper sticker on the back of her 92 Subaru hatchback.


There sure has been a lot of hype over which is better, iOS or Android. It’s clear we all know the answer to that question, but those Android folk won’t leave it alone. For those who are secure in their computational identity like I am, this Android vs. Apple tee could well make a good gift. It pokes fun at the whole OS feud, and let’s the world know you don’t take your Apple identity too seriously.


Now, I think you’ll agree, I’ve saved the best for last (humor me). Cult of Mac’s new Limited Edition MILF (Mac I’d like to Friend) tee is sure to satiate the Apple geek within, and is the perfect present for any Apple enthusiast. It’s hot off the press, made in the USA, and limited to only 100 prints, so you know you won’t see some schmo wearing it to the same party as you. You can pick one up now over at