This top-rated cooling pad could extend your laptop’s life


cooling pad
Keep your MacBook totally chill ...
Photo: Havit

If you use your laptop all day, excessive heat could damage it over time. Thankfully, a cooling pad is all you really need to prevent overheating and extend the life of your laptop. The Havit Laptop Cooling Pad is one such accessory, and it’s on sale now for just $32.95. That’s 13% off the regular price of $37.

The Havit Laptop Cooler preserves your laptop by expelling hot air from the internals and pushing cool air underneath its vents. All you need to do is place your laptop on the pad, connect it with your laptop using the USB cable provided, press the power button, and watch the temperature drop.

Three large, 4.33-inch fans spin at 1,100 RPM, providing a powerful 65 CFM of airflow at whisper-quiet noise levels. Plus, the cooling pad is designed with the optimal angle for ergonomics, so can work all day comfortably and without any distracting noise. With an ultra-portable design, you can also bring it with you wherever you go.

Plus, with your choice of bluered and light blue LEDs, this cooling pad just looks plain awesome. Aside from serving as a vibrant light source in the dark, the LEDs also indicate the working status of the cooler.

This laptop cooling pad is the bestselling choice on Amazon, with an impressive 4.5/5 stars from satisfied customers. As one recent customer noted, “I find it efficient and quiet…. It helps keep my laptop cool and is comfortable to use. Excellent for the price.”

Take your laptop setup to the next level with the Havit Laptop Cooling Pad, on sale now for just $32.95 (regular price $37). Grab one in your choice of light blueblue or red.

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