This digital microscope offers 200x magnification and video recording


This digital microscope is great for both home and educational use
A digital microscope gives you an amazing view of tiny things.
Photo: Veho

If you love building things — especially if you’re assembling something with a lot of small, delicate parts (i.e., a computer or a drone) — you might want to get a closer look at whatever it is you’re working with. And whether you’re using your weekends to tinker around by yourself or as a bonding activity with your child, this Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand is the perfect tool to use.

Part educational tool, part utility, this microscope offers up to 200x magnification, so you can view even the smallest of details under its 2MP lens. This DX-1 USB microscope is ideal for anybody with a curious mind, or for hobbyists and educational use. You can capture photos and videos with an ultra-sharp 1920×1080 resolution, allowing you to see objects ranging from 2mm in size to 1.2mm. You can even take that content and throw it online for instructional videos, if you like.

Plus, everything is accounted for in terms of its design. The DX-1 comes with a fully adjustable cradle arm, which you can easily remove to convert to a handheld microscope. That means you can easily go from viewing something underneath the lens for a science lesson, to using it to build any other gadget at home. And in case you’re trying to get a better view of something tiny in dim lighting, the DX-1 USB microscope includes eight built-in LED lights for better viewing.

Save on a Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope

If you’re worried about setup, the calibration software is also included, making everything intuitive and simple. You can get started using the DX-1 USB microscope right out of the box. And you can even use the same calibration software to record and save any measurements within the device, so you don’t have to constantly track or keep your own notes while you build.

Get this Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand for $180 from Cult of Mac.

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