This magnetic charging mount is perfect for your desk or car


Keep your iPhone handy and fully charged with this magnetic mount.
Photo: Naztech

There are plenty of situations where you need your iPhone in a pinch — a last-minute video call, for example, or finding a local coffee shop when you’re on the road. In those moments, the last thing you want is for your iPhone to be running low on battery, right when you’re relying on it the most. That’s where this MagBuddy Wireless Charge Desk Mount comes in handy. It allows you to keep your hands free and your device fully charged while you’re otherwise occupied.

You can use the MagBuddy Wireless Charge Desk Mount to watch videos or take video calls (professional or personal). And it works in your car, too — all while using the convenient and award-winning technology that powers the MagBuddy Mount Collection. Thanks to the powerful magnetics integrated into the design, there’s no need to struggle to aim plugs into tiny ports or wrestle with tangled charging cables. You can just hover your Qi-enabled device near the charging base and feel the powerful magnetic force latch on in order for charging to begin automatically.

This MagBuddy Wireless Charge Desk Mount allows you to quickly charge your iPhone. Plus, it’s adaptive, detecting and adjusting to your device’s power needs without overheating or overcharging.

Its swivel-ball pivoting head lets you make needed adjustments with one hand. Plus, it’s cradle-free, so there are no arms, legs or brackets to get snagged on or block access to ports and buttons. And, thanks to its foreign object detection, you will automatically know if any metal objects make their way onto or near the charging surface.

Get this MagBuddy Wireless Charge Desk Mount for $49.99 (regularly $69), a savings of 28%. There’s also a Rose Gold option available for the same price.

Prices subject to change.