Epic Releasing Infinity Blade’s Unreal Development Kit For Developers



Are you a developer who wishes your game could look good as Infinity Blade? Great news: Epic is publicly releasing their Unreal Development Kit for iOS today, which should vastly simplify the creation of a games’ graphics and animation. Best, it’s free… within limits.

What are those limits? Well, while the development kit is free to download and use, if you intend on selling a paid app using the Unreal Development Kit, you can expect to pay a $99 Epic licensing fee, as well as 25 percent of royalties after $5,000 in sales.

That could end up being some big money, but it might well be worth it if you’re trying to get a jump on the competition with a truly next-gen looking game. Either way, though, it seems like only developers looking not to charge for their app can expect not to pay… an app using the same engine as Infinity Blade will almost definitely make $5,000, out of buyers’ idle curiosity alone.