Toshiba Building A New Facility To Build Retina Displays For Apple



Toshiba certainly seems to think their business with Apple is important, judging by the latest news the company is now readying a $1.89 billion production facility to help supply Apple with high-resolution LCD display panels. Re: Retina Displays.

According to reports, the new Retina Display facility won’t come on line until at least the second half of 2011, but when it does, the amount of high-res and Retina Display panels it can produce will more than double from the current amount, sitting pretty at 8.5 million displays per month.

While Apple will be supplied by the plant, the details of their direct involvement aren’t yet known, although Apple may be investing in it for an undisclosed amount.

True, Toshiba doesn’t produce Retina Display panels yet… rather, LG does. That said, they’re sure to want to get in on the ultra-high-res, smartphone display action, and according to the report, whatever comes out of this facility won’t be for the current gen, but for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches we haven’t even seen yet.