Apple, Google in Bidding War for Nortel Patents



Apple will likely bid for part of some of the 4,000 patents worth $1 billion held by bankrupt Nortel Networks, according to a Monday report. Google is probably also competing against the Cupertino, Calif. company to lay claim on patents involving wireless-related technology, such as LTE.

“Sources expect the sale to draw wireless telecom newcomers Apple and Google , which want to build up patent war chests as they fight incumbents such as Nokia, which want to protect their patent positions, in the courts,” according to Reuters.

One expert described Nortel’s technology could provide “a very significant stockpile of potent weaponry” providing the owner with a “significant advantage.” Patents certainly are the latest competitive battleground as companies fight in court over who owns key mobile technology, such as wireless transmission.

Along with Apple and Google, BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion is reportedly also in the running to buy Nokia’s patents. The 4,000 patents have been divided into “buckets” of related products, such LTE, 4G and other wireless technology.

in November, International Trade Court staff reportedly told a judge that Apple’s bid to ban Nokia product due to patent infringement were unfounded. Nokia and Apple have spent months in court arguing the other side violated patents and requesting the other’s phones be barred from importation.

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