Delta Installs Charging Stations For MacBooks and iPads At 19 US Airports



Boy, Delta’s getting everything right with Apple owners this year. Hot on the heels of their announcement that they would be installing 135 free-to-use iPads at their gates at JFK comes word that they’re now in the process of installing gadget charging stations in their gate areas at 19 United States airports.

Truthfully, if you’re on a busy business flight, you’ll probably have to shed blood to get access to one. Delta only plans on installing two charging points at each gate, each of which will have six 110 volt outlets and two USB ports.

Still, bless ’em. One of the truly agonizing conundrums of waiting for a flight is whether or not to wile away the time waiting to board with your laptop or iPad, or wait until you’re on the flight. Air travel’s already enough of a stressful, smelly, cattle car nightmare without having to worry about whether or not you’ve got enough juice to play Angry Birds throughout your flight.

[via TUAW]