Controversial Art Show Comes To Steve Jobs’ Home Town


Artists Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild, creators of 12LVE.

A controversial art show featuring photographs of destroyed Apple products is coming to Steve Jobs’ home town this weekend.

Featuring 12 ultra high-resolution digital prints of bullet-riddled MacBooks and blowtorched iPads, the 12LVE exhibit opens Sunday in Palo Alto.

No word on whether Jobs plans to attend the three-month show. “I am not sure whether he’s even aware of the show opening in Palo Alto,” said Tompert. “But who knows.”

Check out all 12 photos here: What Happens When You Shoot A MacBook, And Other Pictures

The opening reception is Sunday, December 12, from 3 to 9 pm at “WhiteSpace” gallery in Town & Country Village in Palo Alto (855 El Camino Real).

Here’s a preview of what what the gallery will look like: