iFan Charges Your iPhone with Wind Power


iFan Wind Charger for iPhone

Taking the windmill concept to a personal level, Dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven has created a custom wind-powered charger for his iPhone.  Made from a computer cooling fan and a soft rubber bumper case with integrated dock connector, the iFan recharges the phone as you walk around town:

By using a modified computer fan it took me 6 hours to charge my phone, rather long I think… but it works. I can shave off many charging hours by redesigning the fan blades, making it more efficient in catching the wind while sun bathing at the beach, doing walking trips in the mountains or just holding it outside your car window while driving along…

Perhaps not a practical solution for everybody, but it does show creativity and ingenuity in an environmentally friendly package.  Keep a good grip on that iPhone while it’s poking out the car window!

[via TUAW]