Report: Apple To Build Futuristic New Campus Designed By Famous British Architect



Apple intends on using the 100 acres of land they purchased for $300 million from HP last month to build a partially domed, green-friendly campus with an intensive subterranean road and transportation network, according to a recent report by a Spanish paper… and they’ve already hired the visionary architect to make the futuristic, utopian campus city happen.

Dubbed Apple City by Spanish Paper EIEconomista, the new campus will be designed by British architect Norman Foster, or Baron Foster of Thames Bank according to his peerage, who seems well-suited to the task. In many ways, Foster’s stylistic advancement as an architect seems to match Apple’s own evolving standards, trading in more machine-like and elaborate designs for streamlined forms imbued with perfectly complimentary function. Some of Foster’s more notable buildings include the Torre Caja Madrid, Florence Italy’s high-speed rail station, and Berlin’s Reichstag Dome, the Hearst Tower in New York City, and London’s 30 St. Mary Axe.

According to the report, which dubs the construction Apple City, the campus will be modeled after Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, pictured above. The buildings will house engineers and R&D and be constructed out of cutting-edge, green-friendly materials, while the underground transportation network will maintain a florid, surface level green and uncluttered appearance.

Apple City has not been directly confirmed by Apple, but Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling has already conceded that the current offices are “fit to burst,” and according to reports both Apple and Norman Foster have been working for months to iron out the ethos of the new, futuristic campus.

What could be more fitting for a company like Apple than a cutting-edge, sublimely sci-fi facility? Perhaps a literal walled garden which, if rumors of Apple City’s domed construction pan out, the new campus might end up being as well.