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Build your own website with this easy-to-use Mac app


Sparkle Pro Website Builder
Sparkle is an intuitive app for creating visually stunning websites.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Stop putting off that website you’ve been planning to build. You can do it today with a lifetime subscription to this intuitive Mac app, which handles all the design and technical stuff that’s been keeping you from fulfilling your goal.

Sparkle Pro Website Builder’s easy-to-use interface presents you with visual tools for quickly building high-performing, search-engine-optimized websites.

Instead of drawing a layout in an image editor, preparing and exporting assets, and then assembling and optimizing the website in code, you simply design the site in Sparkle, then get the results straight from there. Your website will emerge with all the geeky details in place for prime SEO discoverability.

Sparkle’s social–readiness means you can share on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, and everything will look great. Additionally, this website-building tool easily embeds third-party commerce, chat, mailing list services and more, so your site can truly work as a hub for your business or brand.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Sparkle Pro Website Builder for $49.99. That’s 58% off the usual price.