Report: iOS Devices on Internet Grew 216 Percent in a Year



The share of Internet-connected devices powered by Apple’s iOS platform grew 216 percent in November, compared to a year ago, researchers at NetApplications announced Friday. The iOS operating system, which powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod, accounts for 1.36 percent of Internet traffic, leading Android’s 0.31 percent.

Although more PCs are online than mobile devices, the shift to portable Internet products is noticeable in the new NetApplications numbers. Windows’ share is down 1.8 percent to 90.81 percent, compared to 92.52 percent during the same period in 2009. The portion of Macs connected to the Internet fell the same percentage (1.8), pulling Apple desktops to just 5.12 percent of the share of online devices.

While the shift to mobile Internet devices is evident, Google’s Android platform, although at 0.31 percent holding just a tiny share of the Internet, is credited with a 108 percent jump in November. Android’s rise “is off the charts,” according to Fortune.