Fuze Box Takes HD Group Videoconferencing Mobile



Fuze Box, the company behind the groundbreaking meeting and collaboration tool Fuze Meeting, raised the bar for easy multiparty videoconferencing Thursday with the announcement of its private beta for Fuze Presence — bringing multiparty high definition (HD) video to Mac iOS and Android mobile devices.

With many video conferencing solutions tied to a desktop-only experience featuring unreliable video quality and poor latency, Fuze Presence moves the current collaboration space into the realm of H.264 codec technology promising multi-party collaboration delivered at 720P, with high fidelity sound and under 200 ms latency. The technology also supports VoIP, screen sharing, content sharing and a full suite of collaboration tools.

“Our strategy is based on two facts,” said Jeff Cavins, Fuse Box CEO: “First, the meeting room of the future will be a virtual one and something you can hold in your hands. Second, people will want more device choice, not less.”

Fuse Presence will allow anyone with a camera-enabled device, using any browser on any desktop platform, or any iOS or Android mobile device, to start a meeting, enable video conferencing and watch the attendees conveniently access the video conference.

In just two clicks, the host can initiate a video meeting just as quickly and easily from an iPhone or an iPad as from a desktop or laptop PC. Should the next generation of iPads feature a video-capable camera, Fuze Presence will totally revolutionize the concept of business conferencing.

Multi-party conferencing itself is nothing new, of course — and the giant spectre of Skype always looms across the Internet audio/video landscape — but Fuse Presence is the first cloud-based multi-party HD video solution to work across iOS, Android, desktop and tablet PC platforms. The video quality and ease-of-use Fuze delivers beats competitors including GotoMeeting and WebEx, as well as app-based services such as SightSpeed and iVisit — Fuze Box is definitely poised succeed as the pace of mobile communication technology innovation increases.