Pokémon Café Mix adds new orders and Pokémon to up the fun


Pokemon Cafe Mix 1
Gotta serve 'em all!
Photo: Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokémon Café Mix, the latest iOS game featuring everyone’s favorite pocket monsters, just received one of its first updates — bringing new orders and Pokémon, including the likes of Bellossom and Exeggutor.

In Pokémon Café Mix, players run an eatery frequented by Pokémon. In order to fulfill the different food and drink orders you have to solve puzzles, while also running the café. As you complete food-related puzzles, you encounter additional Pokémon, while also getting the chance to expand your business.

The new orders should add some extra variation to the gameplay.

Meanwhile, the addition of Bellossom and Exeggutor adds two more Pokémon to the mix. Bellossom is a grass-type Pokémon introduced as part of Generation II. It evolves from Gloom and, along with Vileplume, is one of Oddish’s final forms. Exeggutor, meanwhile, is a dual-type grass and psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Exeggcute.

Pokémon Café Mix: Fun, free-to-play action

Adding new orders and a few new Pokémon isn’t a massive update for Pokémon Café Mix. Nonetheless, the fact that it comes so soon after the game’s launch suggests that regular updates will be a part of Pokémon Café MixThat’s great news — and one of the reasons why Pokémon Go, which swept the App Store a few years back, continues to do so well today. No-one is expecting Pokémon Café Mix to match Pokémon Go in terms of its overall success. But continuing to add new content all the time is a great way to keep players coming back.

If you’ve not had the chance to play Pokémon Café Mix yet, I’d recommend it. It’s not the deepest game experience, but it’s a fun puzzle game that should appeal to anyone who enjoys simple, relaxing puzzle games like Candy Crush or Two Dots — with an added dose of nostalgia thrown in. While it does offer micro-transactions, these aren’t massively intrusive and it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the game without them.

You can download Pokémon Café Mix at the App Store today. The game is free to download, although there are in-app purchases available.