5-hour iPhone commercial and other Apple ads win awards


Latest Shot on iPhone video is a stunning 5-hour tour through Russia's State Hermitage museum
This is the longest Apple ad in history. By, well, at least five hours.
Photo: Apple

Several Apple ads from the past year won awards at the U.K.’s long-running Design and Art Direction awards. D&AD is a British educational charity that promotes excellence in design and advertising. In this year’s virtual-only awards, it gave various Pencils (the name of charity’s awards) to what it thinks are Apple’s best promotional spots of the year.

You can check out the prize-winners — including a 5-hour, 19-minute iPhone commercial — below.


Apple’s 2019 “Bounce” ad for the AirPods picked up two Yellow and three Graphite Pencils. A Yellow Pencil is “awarded only to the most outstanding work” that achieves creative excellence. A Graphite Pencil, meanwhile, recognizes “stand-out work, beautifully executed with an original and inspiring idea at its core.”

This ad depicts an AirPods wearer springing through the streets, showing off the wireless freedom of Apple’s iconic earbuds. It was created by Apple partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

‘The Underdogs’

2019’s “The Underdogs” picked up one Yellow and two Wood Pencils. Wood Pencils, according to D&AD, represent “the best in advertising and design from the year.”

“The Underdogs” is a three-minute mini-film, produced by ad agency Smuggler and directed by Mark Molloy. The spot shows a group of office workers who use Apple products to create a circular pizza box. (Incidentally, Apple really did design its own round pizza box for its cafeteria.)


Most Apple ads come in under a minute because, you know, they’re ads. This one runs for 5 hours and 19 minutes. “Hermitage” is a beautifully filmed after-hours tour through the iconic State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

29-year-old Moscow director Axinya Gog, a rising star in the Russian art world, directed the 2020 ad, which showcases the high-quality camera and long-lasting battery of the iPhone 11 Pro. It was the work of TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s London office. The ad won a Graphite Pencil.

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Via: Apple Insider