Report: iOS 4.3, iTunes Subscriptions and News Corp’s iPad Magazine Delayed Until 2011



The past week’s rumor cycle has consistently pegged early December as the date when Apple would simultaneously introduce iOS 4.3, iTunes in-app subscription support and News Corp’s new iPad-only magazine, The Daily… but according to sources, that date is very likely aggressive, and the actual rollout has been delayed until early 2011.

Delaying until 2011 makes a lot of sense. A new iOS update hot on the heels of iOS 4.2.1 (which had an undeniably troubled birth) is already aggressive, but timing a major new release of both iOS, a major change to the way iTunes purchases work and launching a new iPad magazine at the same time companies are slowing things down in preparation for the coming holidays seems, in retrospect, like a bit more than even Apple could chew. Better to do it right in the New Year than do it wrong before Christmas.