Opera 11 Beta Brings Native Click To Flash, Incredible New Tab Stacking Features



Safari, Chrome and Firefox might be the most talked about browsers on OS X, but Opera’s still chugging along and pushing the envelope where it can in the ultra-competitive browser space, and the first beta for the Opera 11 version manages some tricks that even the big three haven’t managed yet.

The most notable new addition to Opera 11 is its new tab stacking system, which allows you to group multiple tabs together as a way to save space. Up to dozens of tabs can hide inside each other, matryoshka-like, expandable or collapsible with just a single click.

For you MacBook Air owners, Opera 11 is also interesting in that it boasts a new “plug-ins only on demand” option that means that plug-ins like Adobe Flash will only load when clicked upon. It’s basically like Click To Flash, except natively built into the browser.

Catching up to Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Opera 11 also contains new support for extensions. In addition, Opera 11 has improved the browser’s already pretty great HTML5 support, resulting in faster rendering and Javascript performance.

If you’re interested in giving Opera 11 a try, you can download the beta here