Mac Make: Macbook Pouches



As I’m preparing to spend away all of my money for a Macbook my classes require, I’m starting to think about protecting it. Not just protecting it, but protecting it in style. I like the custom made Macbook pouches on Etsy because I know that if I buy one, I’m probably never going to see someone with the same pouch. There may be a handful of others out there, but they’re so few and far between that you can consider your purchase unique.

fernfiddlehead has a barrage of Macbook envelopes that look excellent. There’s a simple pattern to their dimensions, but the fabrics available are vibrant and exciting:

This one has a matching power cable pouch.

A more neutral one to match my tastes.

interrobang seems to be hooked on recycling (another pro of buying from Etsy) and is particularly fond of repurposing seatbelts:

Although there are many other custom, handmade Macbook cases on Etsy, I’ll end with Lollington‘s green brachiosaurus case. Who can say no to adorable dinosaurs?

  • Andre

    I like these. Well, the more neutral ones at least.
    But i just went with an InCase sleeve.

  • Maurice


    My Girlfriend recently bought one at
    They’re not bad.

    Bye from Cologne, Ger,

  • Cathy

    Hey there — thanks for giving me a mention here. I’m always making envelopes with new fabrics and can usually make a pouch with the same fabric.