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A Pop-Up Concept Mac Not Shaped Like An L



Mac Tower from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo.

So here’s another fantasy Mac design from Sait Alanyli, the guy who did the [L-shaped Mac mini](https://cultofmac.com/l-shaped-mac-mini-might-be-shape-of-things-to-come/5523) concept that we featured here back in December.

This is the Mac Tower, and I have to confess there are some things about it that I find rather appealing. The ideas of a pop-up casing and a pop-up remote are very cute, and the thought of putting a battery inside with enough juice to power a Time Machine backup in case of sudden mains power loss is, well, one of those things you wonder no-one has done before.


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16 responses to “A Pop-Up Concept Mac Not Shaped Like An L”

  1. tenjay says:

    if this was around $1000, i think i would buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. Pmoes says:

    Close but no cigar
    The speakers would be on the bottom and the black bits would be white or clear
    But a great idea!

  3. Steve Dekorte says:

    I like the cube concept, but would prefer one that looks less like a trash can. I’d like to see a return of the NeXTstation pizzabox form factor as a replacement for the PowerMac. Does anyone really need more than two PCIe slots?

  4. Abc says:

    this guy is talented. apple should hire him

  5. Sait Alanyali says:

    Thanks for your nice comments! Let me explain some things that can’t be seen in the video.
    – All the components are vertically positioned, so the airflow is maximized.
    – The optical drive is positioned at the bottom for two reasons, 1- not to block the airflow 2- the pop-up remote and the front I/Q can not be placed where they are placed now if optical drive is placed at the top.
    – Some people say the optical drive is too close to the ground, but it’s higher than any portable’s drive.
    – Some asked why the rear I/Q is faced to the ground. Because of the vertical placement, plus the main board-graphics card placement, it’s faced like that. And it’s better for the cable hiding and management.
    – I think the best think about this concept is the hibernation feature! It only needs a battery and a software update. I don’t know about US but here in Europe, power failure is not a surprise :(

  6. Sait Alanyali says:

    If possible can you correct my name in the post from Sait Alanyli to Sait Alanyali :) You can erase this comment too. Thanks for the post! Best regards!

  7. Mark Petereit says:

    If I could open the front and pull out an ice-cold Red Bull, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  8. OA says:

    On these dire days when Steve’s ambiguous sickness dampens our hopes, designs like these make us believe that there are magnificent people out there who can take the torch and continue Apple legacy..

    Good job. Apple may really hire you, never give up..