Apple adds local information to its COVID-19 iPhone app


iPhone showing coronavirus that causes COVID-19
Apple’s COVID-19 iPhone app providing reliable info about the novel coronavirus has been updated with details from each U.S. state.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Apple updated its COVID-19 screening application for iPhone with information from each U.S. state’s health department to help users know what’s expected in their area.

This fits with the goal of Apple’s app — giving people resources to stay informed on steps they can take to protect their health during the coronavirus outbreak.

Apple says version 2.0 of its software gives users the “ability to select state of residence to see guidance from that state’s health department.“ In addition, Apple added tips to help users keep physically and mentally healthy.

The original version of this app launched March 27.

Apple’s COVID-19 iPhone app stays focused on screening

The new local information was added below the primary function of the Apple COVID-19 iPhone app: a screening tool to help users determine if they have this disease, or possible been exposed to it, and what to do next.

The software asks users a series of questions to determine their level of risk, find out what their recent exposure has been, and check for symptoms of COVID-19. The app be used for yourself or a loved one.

Once all the questions are complete, the app provides Centers for Disease Prevention and Control recommendations of the steps the users should follow, whether it be guidance on social distancing or self-isolation. The site will tell users if they should get a test or if it’s possible they’ve been exposed.

It gathers no personal information. Plus, Apple does not associate your Apple ID with any of the data it receives.

The Apple COVID-19 application is available free on the Apple Store.