Paul, Yoko and Ringo Talk About Beatles On iTunes



Apple’s accompanied its surprise announcement of the Beatles coming to iTunes with the expected press release, but this one’s more worth reading than normal: it’s filled with winning quotes from Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

“We’re really excited to bring the Beatles’ music to iTunes,” said Sir Paul McCartney. “It’s fantastic to see the songs we originally released on vinyl receive as much love in the digital world as they did the first time around.”

Yoko’s quote is fairly typical, in that it is idolatrous of John Lennon while ignoring the contributions of the rest of the Beatles. She even crams an awkward reference to “Let’s Give Peace A Chance” into the soundbite for good measure!

“In the joyful spirit of Give Peace A Chance, I think it is so appropriate that we are doing this on John’s 70th birthday year,” said Yoko Ono Lennon.

But good old Ringo’s always ready with some wry, self-effacing humor, it seems… along with some very interesting em-dash placement! A man after my own heart, indeed.

“I am particularly glad to no longer be asked when the Beatles are coming to iTunes,” said Ringo Starr. “At last, if you want it—you can get it now—The Beatles from Liverpool to now! Peace and Love, Ringo.”