Microsoft’s Latest Windows Phone 7 Ad Asks Apple: “Where’s The Blu-Ray?”


Steve Jobs has been on the record for months that he thinks Blu-Ray is a format that is in the process of being murdered by streaming video, so Microsoft’s latest ad taking a jab at the Mac for its lack of Blu-Ray support feels a little limp… but to give credit where its due, the pseudo stop motion animation (which is really CGI) that they are using to make that point is pretty cute.

  • David Austin Stephens

    Jobs may be right about Blu-ray; I personally think he killed the high-resolution audio formats of SACD and DVD-A, which, if you have the system, are markedly better than uncompressed CDs and the compression artifacts of iTunes are painful when the normal CD would not be.

     Even an Acura sound system shows how much better they are. But convenience over quality it seems.When we get, even in the sticks here, very fast streaming media, and our purchases are all on a cloud somewhere, then it will be a moot point but it is not. Yet.