Apple Promises Huge iTunes Announcement Tomorrow: What Is It? [Open Thread]



Head on over to the official Apple website and you’ll see a new front page teaser.

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget,” the copyt reads, before telling visitors to check back with tomorrow at 10AM EST / 7AM EST for an exciting new announcement pertaining to iTunes

What the heck could it mean? Our guesses and yours after the jump..

This is really interesting. Apple’s promising a lot here — a “day we’ll never forget” — but they are doing so in a really unorthodox way. They’re not throwing a special event, and they are announcing it before the opening of business on the West Coast, at a time which usually coincides with the weekly shuttering of the Apple Store.

The obvious guess on what exactly will be announced is a new cloud-streaming iTunes, but Steve Jobs said as recently as September that Apple was still wary of the cloud. Besides, cloud-compatibility would require a major new revision of iTunes, which is probably a year away. No way.

My guess: an iTunes all-you-can-eat or x-tracks-per-month subscription plan, like Microsoft’s Zune Pass. Not only is it something the competition already has, but most importantly, it’s a major new feature Apple can introduce to iTunes without releasing a new version of the software by implementing a new payment option into their backend.

This is all just speculation, though. For once, we’re absolutely clueless. What do you think Apple might announce tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.