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For Sale: Apple 1 Computer Shipped From Steve Jobs’ Garage


Apple I at Christys

Christie’s of London just announced a special item for auction, an original Apple 1 computer shipped directly from Steve Jobs’ garage.  Labeled system number 82, this kit includes the motherboard, cassette adapter, manuals, the original shipping box in good condition, and a signed letter from Steve Jobs to the original owner!

The Apple 1 was the first pre-assembled personal computer, it did not require soldering skills to get running. “This is the forerunner of the iPod, iPad and iPhone” said Julian Wilson from Christie’s, “it worked straight out of the box.”

Approximately 200 Apple 1 systems were produced, and about a quarter of those survive today.  The Steves – ever the jokesters – originally priced the system at $666.66.  In 2009 an Apple 1 was listed on eBay for $50,000.  Christie’s estimates this one to sell for £150,000 ($240,000)!  Not a bad return on your investment.

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