Will Apple Use iTun.es As A URL Shortener for Tweeted Ping?



The recent integration of iTunes’ Ping with the Twtter microblogging platform has given Apple’s social music networking service a much needed boost after Facebook pulled integration at the last minute, but man, those Ping URLs are long, ugly and ungainly… an eyesore and an inconvenience in a service that limits messages to 140 characters or less.

Maybe an official iTunes link shortener would help things? MacRumors points out that Apple has owned the iTun.es domain name since December 2006 when it was registered by them under MarkMonitor, Apple’s own domain-registering brand management firm.

Of course, Apple bought the domain well before the rise in popularity of link shortening services like bit.ly, so they were clearly just covering their bases when they bought up iTun.es. Still, why let a good URL like iTun.es fallow when there’s a useful, obvious and easy-to-implement application already waiting for it?